Premises Liability

Premise liability law vary from state to state and from property to property, however, the general premise of these laws is that the owner of a property is legally responsible to varying degrees for the safety of the property. Under these laws, owners of retail or other “public” properties have a higher liability then do owners of private property.

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Property and business owners have a responsibility to take precautions that will ensure the safety of customers or guests. If the business or property owner knows of a potentially dangerous condition, he or she must warn guests and mark the area to prevent harm. If he or she does not, and the result is serious injury such as brain injury or spinal cord injury, the property owner can be held liable. For example, slippery floors within a business must be properly marked, and unstable steps or potholes should be marked and repaired as soon as possible. Strict liability also applies in premises liability. Strict liability means that even if the home or business owner was not aware of a hazardous condition, he or she may be liable for injuries sustained by visitors to the property. Common premises liability cases involve: young children injured in swimming pools; slip and falls due to unmarked liquid spills; falls from unsafe equipment or buildings; and any other injury sustained due to a property or business owner’s negligence. Often these injuries result in traumatic injuries like spinal cord injury or brain injury. New York attorneys at our firm can help you or a loved one to receive compensation if you have been injured due to the negligent or wrongful acts of a property owner.

New York premise liability lawsuits can arise from a variety of negligent actions on the behalf of a property owner. Slip and fall injuries are some of the most common personal injuries to bring about premise liability claims, especially for retail properties. A slip and fall that results in a personal injury is quite often seen as the direct result of a property owner’s negligence in either: warning the injured party of a hazardous condition, providing adequate safety considerations (railings, non-slip traction, lighting, etc.), or remedying the situation with ample promptness (leaving an electrical cord stretched across a walkway, not cleaning up a spill, etc.). Swimming pool safety, falling merchandise, and other hazardous conditions also lead to premise liability lawsuits every day.

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