Be The Kings & Queens Of Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

You’re drowning in debt and you’ve realized that you have no other option but to declare bankruptcy. Creditors are calling you left and right, you’re sick of getting nothing but calls for you to pay up. You’re scared to seek the legal assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer because you don’t want to fall into more debt. You’re wondering what a lawyer could possibly do for you at this point. A LOT! Here is what a bankruptcy lawyer can do for you:

Assist in putting your finances into order

Budgeting, accounting, payment plans, income and expenses: these are things that may have been too overwhelming for you to take care on your own. A bankruptcy lawyer can help make sense of your financial situation so that you understand exactly what kind of position you are in and what you can do about it. They’ll help you organize your financial records and explain how you can fix this mess.

Help you choose which bankruptcy chapter to file under

Bankruptcy cases vary depending on the available assets and the desires of the individual who wishes to file for bankruptcy. Individuals seeking to file for bankruptcy will file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you are in a hurry to be rid of your debts, you could file under Chapter 7, however it will liquidate most of your assets such as your home, jewelry, or anything of value that you own. If you have a steady income, and want to keep your assets, Chapter 13 might be more suitable for you. This bankruptcy allows you to pay off your debts within a span of 3-5 years and provide relief from interest rates and creditors. There are certain conditions to fulfill before filing under either chapter. An experienced lawyer can help you gather the paperwork needed for each case and recommend which would be more beneficial in the long-run.

Give assistance during court hearings

As you are filing for bankruptcy the court may require you to make an appearance. Not only will a bankruptcy lawyer accompany you to court, but they will make sure that you have all the documents you need to present to the judge. They will give you a briefing on courtroom etiquette, advice you on what to say and what not to say, and talk on your behalf when necessary.

Collaborate with your Creditors to help pay off your debts

Once you’ve hired an attorney and begun procedures for filing for bankruptcy, creditors are no longer allowed to harass you for payment. Your attorney will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf, setting payment schedules and rates, and establish how long it will take for you to pay off your debts. After the conditions have been agreed upon, it is illegal for creditors to contact you for money as it would be in violation of the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” which was established to protect consumers from being harassed by collection agencies.
Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the end of your financial independence, but it can be a very long and tiresome procedure. With all the pressure of having to face creditors and court hearings, it can get very difficult to think straight. With a Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer by your side, the process can become more streamlined and you can focus on working to slowly but steadily pay off your debts while leaving the details to someone else.


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